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assemblant prochaine génération infrastructure de technologie de l'information et des applications

The OSG Offices at 181 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Application Design & Development

Open Systems Group offers comprehensive applications design and development services.

If you require a redesign to an existing browser-based application or a new browser-based application to integrate to your internal systems Open Systems Group can help.

Open Systems Group has over fifteen years of experience in the design and development of browser-based applications, relational databases and XML web services. Open Systems Group has three years of experience in the development of mobile device applications. Our staff know the technologies we with. We know our stuff.

One of our software plug-ins, MatchPoint's Outlook Crawler, has found its way onto Oracle Corporation's product offering.

Open Systems Group also is a registered partner with Microsoft, Cisco, and Rack & Data (Fibernetics).

The price of the Design and Development of a basic browser-based, application with basic User Account functions, including registration, user management, security question challenge, sign on and sign off, starts at 10,000.00 dollars and vary according to the scope of work.

To see the breadth and scale of one of our browser-based applications, follow the links to our featured engagements below.